no one at all (rappelezmoi) wrote in quotable_nkotb,
no one at all

Dirty Dawg

Today I would like to turn your attention to the valuable side of life. New Kids on the Block didn't just teach you about love and acceptance, they taught you about love and acceptance of the same sex even when they're crack whores. Yeah, I hate to break it to you guys but NKOTB was gay, as evidenced in today's lyrics.

Yo, yo, why you wanna act like a tramp, a wet food stamp,
I think it's time for me to break camp

You know, your local grocery story will still accept food stamps even if they're wet just like we accepted you when you were all washed up! But more importantly:

Had a crush on my man the first time we met.
Now what you see is what you get


Lesson Learned: Don't spend your food stamps on cheap transvestites. Jordan Knight is worth more than that!
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