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I'll be loving you

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Quotable NKOTB!
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Did you love New Kids on the Block so much that you knew every song by heart, went to every concert when they came to your town, had your room plastered in posters from Teen Beat and Bop and JUST KNEW that SOMEDAY you were going to marry Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Jon or Joe? Well, surprisingly, you weren't alone in your childhood fantasy land where pop singers marry real people, despite age differences and looks and when quality music goes the wayside for funky boy band pop.

Eventually, we all grew up and when looking back on the love and fantasy that was New Kids on the Block, I have come to learn that they were really just a bunch of talentless hacks, puppeted by record executives who couldn't write songs worth singing by anyone, even pretty gay boys pretending to love 13 year old girls.

In this community we will explore the love that is New Kids on the Block through their 'music' and interviews and hopefully learn a lesson about life, love and how to get your hair that high. Welcome to quotable_nkotb