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I Remember When

Todays brilliant piece of lyrical goodness comes from a lesser-known song off of the Hangin' Tough album of 1988.  This song was performed by the young Joey McIntyre.  By my best mathmatical estimate, he was 14-15 when the song was recorded.  We also must remember that NKOTB was marketed as an innocent, pure group of clean-cut young boys to the under-13 crowd.  But these lyrics, while mostly cute and sweet, tell us a bit more about young Joey.

I remember favorite songs we heard all night long in the candlelight
Still shines so brightly. 

So, you mean to tell me that 14 year old Joey was doing who knows what all night long in the candlelight?  That doesn't sound so clean-cut to me.  If our mom's knew we were listening to songs about 14-year olds having sex, would they have taken us so willingly to their concerts?

Little girl, whenever Im around you, all in love is fair, girl.

WAIT!  Stop the presses, he's 14, and is singing about a little girl.  What defines little when you are 14?  Ten or 11?  He was having sex with an 11 year old?  *gasp* 
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